background blur

How To Get Beautiful Background Blur With Any Camera

The Raging Question: Today I want to answer the question that I probably get asked the most. How to get the perfect background blur? There are many scenarios where you can use background blur for interesting results. You can use it while taking portraits, so that the subject is well isolated from the background and any unwanted […]

Rule Of thirds

Rule Of Thirds | What Is It ? | Why Should You Use It?

Before discussing the Rule of Thirds, I should probably let you know that there is no such thing as a “rule” in photography. Photography is an art form and, like in all art forms, there are some guidelines that may help people create better art most of the time. But I can tell you this; […]

Magic Lantern

What Is Magic Lantern? | How To Install It Properly.

All about Magic Lantern that you need to know. Magic Lantern is a FREE firmware add-on for Canon manufactured cameras written by Trammell Hudson primarily for Canon EOS 5D Mk II in 2009. Originally the software was created for the average film makers who used DSLRs to film their projects. The features base however has […]

Top Five Things To Do Once Your Get Your New Camera

Congratulation! You have just taken the first step in becoming a photographer, you just got yourself a new camera. No, it doesn’t have to be a fancy DSLR, absolutely any camera will do. I remember my first camera and the feeling that came with it. It is one of the special feeling that you get […]

Release Mode Dial

Nikon Release Mode Dial

How To Operate The Release Mode Dial? Release mode dial is generally found in Nikon manufactured DSLR cameras. The release dial is located just under the camera mode dial and looks something like this.  As the name suggests, this release mode dial controls what happens when the shutter button is pressed. You will find there […]

mode dial

Mode Dial | Features Explained | Beginner’s Guide

Where Is The Camera Mode Dial? The mode dial of your camera is the large rotatable wheel located on the top left-hand side (Canon and Nikon) of your camera with a lot of images and letters on it. If you are learning about this for the first time, pay close attention now as this could […]


DSLR | Full Form and Why It Is Called So.

The full form of DSLR is Digital Single Lens Reflex. But…have you ever wondered why is it called so? I will tell you why. DSLRs are basically the evolved form of the SLRs. SLR stands for…. as you have already guessed, Single Lens Reflex. Let me explain the nomenclature a little bit so that it […]

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