image file format

Image File Formats And Their Uses Explained

Have you ever finished editing your photograph and then just as you are about to save the image been presented with a baffling array of image file formats? If it has been a while, let me just refresh your memory. It looks something like this. *.BMP, *.TIFF,*.JPEG, *.PSD, *.PNG, RAW……the list simply seems endless. But it ends […]

drone photography tips

Top 11 Tips To Bring Up Your Drone Game

Drone photography has become one of the most exciting and popular new destinations for amateurs and professional photographers alike. And why would it not be, it offers such an incredible view of the world that is inaccessible through any other means, at least at this point of time. With cheap drones flooding the market now, […]

Create art from photos

Make Retro Looking Paintings Using A Bunch Of Photos And Photoshop

This is a fun one, create art from photos. For all those people who like to take photographs but absolutely suck at drawing or painting; this might just be the perfect way out for you. In this video, Gavin Hoey, one of my favorite photographer youtuber explains how we can easily create art from photos, using […]

Chromatic aberrations

Chromatic Aberrations | How To Easily Identify And Remove Them Using Lightroom.

Here is an easy trick to combat the problem of chromatic aberrations. Anthony Moriganti demonstarates the process in this quick video. Chromatic aberrations is a problem that can easily be overlooked. The images then look a little funny with the weird colored pixels specially near high contrast edges. One of the most common scenario which […]

Macro Photography

Macro Photography | The Basics You Should Know

Macro photography is really exciting and addictive if you can do it correctly. It really doesn’t matter where you live, you can find suitable subjects just about ANYWHERE. My friend who took up microbiology in school once described to me what made him so fond of the subject. He said that the first time he […]

Dual Pixel Autofocus

Dual Pixel Autofocus Explained

Dual pixel autofocus is a sensor based, phase detection autofocus technology which provides fast autofocussing and smooth, languid, gradually transient focus tracking when shooting videos and movies. Dual pixel autofocussing technology literally places in the hands of regular day-to-day users of consumer grade cameras the capabilities to shoot brilliant videos which look aesthetically pleasing and […]

Light Metering Mode

Light Metering Modes | When To Use What & Why?

If you have not already read the previous article about why we actually need light metering and the challenges we face, I strongly suggest you do to have a firm and concrete understanding of the basic light metering problems and their solutions. Here it is: Basic Understanding Of Light & Need For Light Metering. Now, I assume […]


Basic Understanding Of Light & Need For Light Metering.

Photography is nothing but recording light (in an aesthetic manner). Hence, it is imperative that we, as photographers, are required to measure and quantify the amount of light available so that we can use the corresponding settings on our camera to get a well-exposed and an appropriate image. Light meter is just that device that helps […]

Camera Diopter | For Every Photographer With Glasses

Do you know where your camera diopter is? If not, it’s perfectly okay. It’s pretty simple actually and it will take only a few moments for you to understand and use it properly. Keep reading and I will tell you all you need to know. The dictionary definition of a diopter is pretty scary, it […]


The Great Confusion | Drive Modes vs Autofocus Modes

There seems to be a lot of confusion between various Camera Drive Modes and Autofocus Modes. I can understand the confusion as it is easy to mix them up if you are a beginner. However, I sincerely expect that after having read this article, you WON’T do this EVER again. Before starting off, I would […]

star trails

Star Trails Photography | How To Make Beautiful Star Trail Images.

The magic of star trails: Star trails photographs are beautiful and absolutely magical when they are taken correctly. They reflect the beauty and the majesty of this amazing planet that we live in. Just think for a second; every star trails photograph you have ever seen and the dream-like sequence that you have witnessed in […]

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