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Nikon D850 Specifications | First Leaks.

Nikon confirmed the new Nikon D850, the successor of the fantastic Nikon D810 on its 100th birthday, this year. There had been many rumors and speculations about the camera’s specifications uptill now but none confirmed. Nikon till now has not officially announced anything.

This might be the best bet we have had till now. Some leaked Nikon D850 slides seems to have surfaced. The slides although in Chinese have much more details than we know right now.

Quick List:

  • 45.7 Megapixel Sensor.
  • 3.2 inch touchscreen LCD display (tiltable, vari-angle).
  • Continuous shooting rate of 9 fps (when using a battery pack plus battery EN-EL18a) otherwise 7fps.
  • Could continuously shoot 51 frames 14 bit non-compressed RAW photos at one time.
  • Support 8K timelapse capture.
  • ISO range of 64 to 25,600.
  • 153 point Auto Focus System.
  • 180,000 RGB Sensor.
  • 4K Video Capture.
  • Illuminated back buttons (hurray!).
  • SD and XQD dual card slots.
  • Low light focus -3EV, greater possibility to take photo under dark situation (same as D5)
  • No low pass filter.

Here are a some slides that Nikon Rumors decoded:

Nikon D850 leaked chinese slides

– 45.75M
– 9 fps * MB-D18 + EN-EN18a
– 8K timelapse
– 4K movie
– ISO 64-25600
– 3.2″ 2.36M vari-angle touch screen
– 153 AF system
– 45M quiet shooting mode
– 0.75x OVF magnification
– 180,000 RGB sensor

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Nikon D850 leaked chinese slides

45M pixel gives you clear and sharp high definition image, could satisfy big outdoor advertisement which requires 8K resolution
– No low pass filter
– Standard ISO: 64-25600, boost: ISO: 32 to 108,400
– Using Eexpeed 5 (same as D5) processor, high ISO together with good noise reduction engine, could give you high quality of color reproduction
Pictures: demonstration of with and without low pass filter.

Nikon D850 leaked chinese slides

Using “spot area AF” to AF on very small area
– The size is 1/2 of “standard area AF”
– Suitable for shooting macro, focusing on a very small object

In the photo:

blue square: “standard area AF”
red square: “spot area AF”.

Here are all the slided translated in English by YouTuber Jeff Curtner.

Looking at all these preparations Nikon is taking, it is very plausible that very soon Nikon will make an official announcement to the general market and then soon after that unveil the D850. In any case we will keep you posted.

Nikon Confirms Making A “Serious” Mirrorless Camera System.

Nikon’s President Kazuo Ushida recently in an interview with Yahoo Japan again mentioned the possibility of Nikon coming up with a “serious” mirrorless camera system. In the last few months speculations have been very high about Nikon’s motive about mirrorless systems. Ushida himself has mentioned such plans in quite some interviews now.

Every move Nikon is making now is being closely observed. Recently Nikon applied for a new patent for a 35mm, f/2 lens supposedly for a curved full frame sensor. Although it could not be conclusively proven if this was for a mirrorless camera but the technical information do suggest that it is certainly designed to work with a curved full frame sensor.

curved sensor lens

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In July Ushida was quoted,

“With generations grew up on smart phones I will give out a “Nikonashii” mirrorless camera that made a difference to other companies in terms of performance. I want to overwhelm the performance of the lens by making use of industrial lens technology, but also need playfulness.”

Canon and Nikon, the predominant giants of the imaging world for the last few decades, till now have primarily focused on DSLRs as their mainstay product. Somehow both these companies have been a little reluctant to shift and develop mirrorless systems. This however have given Sony quite a jump start. Initially Sony did face quite some criticism but it has to be said that the company has not only made developments to rectify their mistakes but actually built upon it to make even better cameras. The latest Sony A9 is a living example of this.

It is just a drag race from now on. Sony, devoid of any serious competition till this point, has quite an advantage in the mirrorless game now. However it has to be taken into consideration that both Canon and Nikon have substantially large consumer base and versatile lens lineups. Something Sony is trying to catch up on.

When will Nikon or Canon bring in such cameras that could potentially compete with the likes of Sony A9s? Only time will tell. However being an ardent fan of Nikon cameras, I hope when finally they decide to, they make it worth this wait.

Nikon D7500 Launched | To Ship From June 2017.

The much awaited successor of the Nikon D7200 is here.

Nikon just launched its latest and greatest model today. The successor of the Nikon D7200. However, it is not called the D7300 but the Nikon D7500. Here is all you need to know.

The new Nikon D7500 shares its DNA with Nikon DX-format flagship model the D500. The D7500 uses the same 20.9 megapixel APS-C imaging sensor, processor and a wide ISO range (ISO 100 to 51,200) as the Nikon D500. The camera is also reported to have very good low-light capabilities and pretty impressive speed in image processing due to the EXPEED 5 image processor.

Nikon D7500


In the video department, the Nikon D7500 scores pretty well too. It shoots 4K UHD (3840 x 2160 at 30p). Videos have the additional options to be stored as MOV files or as MP4 files for greater flexibility and easier playback. The camera has, like the Nikon D500; three axis built-in-VR image stabilization when shooting 1080p Full HD Video.

Nikon D7500

The Nikon D7500 has a retail price of $1249.95 (body only) or $1749.95 (with AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-140 f/3.5-5.6G ED VR lens). However, the price would be a little high initially for the Indian market. Nikon has announced that the camera is to be launched at a price of 96,950 INR (body only) or 1, 15,450 INR (with the AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-105 f/3.5-5.6G ED VR lens).

The D7500 will be available from June 2017.

Nikon D7500

Nikon D7500

The specification of the Nikon D7500 are as follows.

Effective Pixels (Megapixels) :20.9 million

Sensor Size: 23.5mm x 15.6mm

Image Sensor Format: DX (Crop Sensor)

Storage Media: SD, SDHC, SDXC

Top Continuous Shooting Speed at Full Resolution: 8 fps

ISO Sensitivity: ISO 100 – 51,200


4K UHD 3,840×2,160 / 30 fps
4K UHD 3,840×2,160 / 25 fps
4K UHD 3,840×2,160 / 24 fps
Full HD 1,920×1,080 / 60 fps
Full HD 1,920×1,080 / 50 fps
Full HD 1,920×1,080 / 30 fps
Full HD 1,920×1,080 / 25 fps
Full HD 1,920×1,080 / 24 fps
HD 1,280×720 / 60 fps
HD 1,280×720 / 50 fps
Actual frame rates for 60p, 50p, 30p, 25p, and 24p are 59.94, 50, 29.97, 25, and 23.976 fps, respectively
High quality available at all frame sizes, normal quality available at all sizes except 3,840 x 2,160.

Monitor Size: 3.2 inches diagonal.

Monitor Type: VGA tilting TFT touch-sensitive screen.

Battery: EN- EL 15a Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery.

Dimensions (Width x Height x Depth): 5.4 in x 4.1in x 2.9in

Weight: 640gms (Body only).

For descriptive specifications visit the Nikon USA page.

Nikon D7500 Is Here | Launching Next Week

All That You Need To Know:

Nikon’s 100-year anniversary is drawing near and Nikon is surging up on an upswing. The latest news is on the Japanese imaging giant’s much awaited Nikon D7500. This is supposed to be the successor of Nikon’s D7200; however it is not called Nikon D7300.

The camera is rumored to be launched next week. This is a sneak peek of the camera ahead of the official reveal.

Nikon D7500

Photo leak courtesy Nokishita.

Nikon D7500, Rumored Specification:

  • 20 MP sensor from the Nikon D500
  • 4K Video
  • ISO range: 100 – 51,200
  • 51 points AF
  • 8 fps
  • Tilt Screen
  • Snapbridge.
  • Wireless Capabilities.

(As published on Nikon Rumors)

Nikon really seems to be banking on the D500 a lot and for good reasons. According to sources, the camera is set to be launched on April 11 or 12. People who were gearing to buy the Nikon D7200, you may want to rest your horses for you may end up getting yourself this bad boy if you wait a little longer. Till then keeping our fingers crossed.

Nikon’s 100th Anniversary | All That The Company Is Planning For You

Here is all that Nikon is planning for you.

Nikon is all set to celebrate its centennial year on 25th July 2017 in style. It seems that Nikon is really taking it to a whole new level this time. There are all kinds of rumors that surround Nikon 100 years celebrations.

Nikon 100 years

Nikon officially has already announced quite a few star attractions for this special occasion. From commemorative camera models, lenses and binoculars to Nikon Model 1 made of Swarovski crystals; from leather camera strap and lapel pins to special miniature Nikon F camera models; all’s included.

Personally I believe that most people will be interested in the special editions of D5 (which ships with an anniversary booklet) and the D500 which includes a metal case and leather strap, though I would not be very surprised if I was proven wrong. You can find an elaborate and exhaustive list of all the special things Nikon is about to launch, here.

I believe that the company still has a few special tricks hidden up its sleeve. More on that in June.

Nikon has even created a new website for this special event which highlights all that the company has achieved in a career span of a hundred years. This website will give an excellent ring side view of this incredible company that stood the test of time. Give it a try will you, you will probably not be there for the next. Just kidding.

Nikon 100 years anniversary is going to be a grand affair, it seems, judging from all the preparation that is underway.

By the way this is a sneak peak video that Nikon released recently for its centennial year.