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Dual Pixel Autofocus

Dual Pixel Autofocus Explained

Dual pixel autofocus is a sensor based, phase detection autofocus technology which provides fast autofocussing and smooth, languid, gradually transient focus tracking when shooting videos and movies. Dual pixel autofocussing…


Release Mode Dial

Nikon Release Mode Dial

How To Operate The Release Mode Dial? Release mode dial is generally found in Nikon manufactured DSLR cameras. The release dial is located just under the camera mode dial and…


Speaking Of Working For Free.

Should You Ever Work For Free? Let me preface whatever I want to say in this blog by saying that photography like any other business is a BUSINESS. There are…

Nikon D7500

Do You Really Need A DSLR Camera?

When To Get A DSLR Camera? If all you have is a point and shoot camera or a cell phone to shoot with and wondering whether it is time to…