Chromatic aberrations

Chromatic Aberrations | How To Easily Identify And Remove Them Using Lightroom.

Here is an easy trick to combat the problem of chromatic aberrations. Anthony Moriganti demonstarates the process in this quick video.

Chromatic aberrations is a problem that can easily be overlooked. The images then look a little funny with the weird colored pixels specially near high contrast edges. One of the most common scenario which may give rise to chromatic aberrations is while shooting a tree which has a sky for a background. Since the leaves are in the high contrast hot spot, it is very easy to have developed this problem there.

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We all know that our camera lenses consist of many elements. The light has to pass through all these various elements to reach the camera sensor. The problem with this is that, all these different lens elements have different refractive indices, which in simple terms means that all these lens elements do NOT bend the light rays coming in the same way. Hence sometimes some wavelengths of light of the optical spectrum get refracted more than the others and cannot be focused at a single common point. This is most likely to occur at the point of difference between a bright part and a dark part of the image.

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