Lexar Soon To Be Just A ‘Memory’ And A Thing Of The Past

Lexar Memory card
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Attention avid and long-term users of Lexar memory cards. The time has come for you to bid goodbye. Lexar is soon to be discontinued by its parent company, Micron. And just for your information, not just the memory cards, the entire Lexar removable storage unit, including memory card readers, storage drives and USB flash drives will be discontinued.

“The decision was made as part of the company’s ongoing efforts to focus on its increasing opportunities in higher value markets and channels,” –Micron

According to Petapixel the reason for discontinuing such a revered and highly trusted brand like Lexar is because Google and Amazon has become the major customer of the brand and the retail side of things do not seem to add up much for the company.


“Apparently Amazon and Google have been buying so much flash memory from them that there is no need for push for the retail side of things” – Sources of Petapixel.

One of the major questions that follows this decision is “what would happen to the lifetime guarantee?”….well Micron has not clarified that to good effect but it did say that there is a good prospect that a part of the Lexar business will be sold and maybe the onus of honouring the guarantee will fall upon the buyer. Micron says it’s “exploring opportunities to sell all or part of the Lexar business”.

For now however, we do not know anything for sure. However if you want one now, Amazon has a load of them to sell.

Resource Credit: Petapixel.