Gitzo 100 years tripod

Gitzo Celebrates Its Centenary In Style.

The year 2017 seems to be the year of celebrating centenaries for the majority of the photography industry. Recently, it was Gitzo’s turn. It is the legendary French company founded by Arsène Gitzhoven, which makes incredible tripods. Gitzo, like Nikon, is also leaving no stones unturned in making this celebration as lavish and memorable as possible.

The Company has come up with two very special limited-edition premium tripods:

  • The 100-Year Anniversary Edition (Only 1917 pieces available)
  • Arsène Gitzhoven Edition (Only a 100 pieces available)

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The 100-Year Anniversary Edition:

According to Gitzo, it is “not just a celebratory photography support. It is the ultimate high-performance professional tool featuring unique design and the very latest technology.”  Each piece is numbered from 1 to 1917, the year when the Company was born. The tripods are available in black and titanium colors.


Gitzo tripod 100 years edition

The limited edition tripods also feature Italian leather with a carbon fibre look; talk about luxury photography! The legs have new leg-angle selector and locking collars.

Gitzo tripod 100 years edition

The 100 Years Anniversary Edition tripod is priced at $1500 a pop.

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Arsene Gitzhoven Edition:

This is the flagship product Gitzo is offering on its special day. It is a very special tripod as it is named after its founding father Arsène Gitzhoven, who established the Company in 1917. This is the very first model in the market to feature a full carbon fibre spider.

Gitzo Arsene Gitzhoven Edition

Each of the Arsène Gitzhoven Edition tripods will be marked from 1 to 100 and complete with the customer’s signature engraved on the product. This would be a real special tripod and it should definitely be, considering this one would cost you a whopping $3000.

Gitzo Arsene Gitzhoven Edition

So buckle up and get ready to loosen your purse strings if you want to be a part of the most exclusive club of tripods. Also, be extra vigilant the next time you are shooting a time lapse since your tripod now costs more than your camera and the lens put together.

For further information about the products, visit Gitzo’s Anniversary page.

All image courtesy Petapixel.

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