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EyeEm Selects App | Helps Find Hidden Gems From Your Camera Roll

If you think you are a good photographer and wish to earn a little something from you photographs, EyeEm is probably the answer. Recently EyeEm has launched a new update on its mobile app called EyeEm Selects. EyeEm Selects helps users find the “best” photographs they have on their phone using advanced computer vision technology.

After the app scans and finds the photographs that it thinks are the “best”; the user may choose to upload those photographs to EyeEm’s marketplace. About the scanning process, the Company claims that “the scanning happens right on your device, meaning that nobody sees your pictures until you decide to share them.” Photographs are rated according to their aesthetic values, composition, quality or the ones which have the highest chance of selling on EyeEm stock image market.

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All of these above processes occur locally on the user’s phone which means that photographs aren’t transferred to a server where they are analyzed. This saves bandwidth, data, and most importantly helps keep the privacy of the user; since the photograph doesn’t travel anywhere outside the user’s phone.

EyeEm says that this feature can also be used for finding long-forgotten good images on a user’s phone that have probably never been uploaded anywhere and are now are buried under a lot of new photos.

The Select feature is already available on Android. iOS users will, however, have to wait a few more weeks according to the Company’s website.

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