Make Retro Looking Paintings Using A Bunch Of Photos And Photoshop

Create art from photos
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This is a fun one, create art from photos. For all those people who like to take photographs but absolutely suck at drawing or painting; this might just be the perfect way out for you. In this video, Gavin Hoey, one of my favorite photographer youtuber explains how we can easily create art from photos, using just a bunch of photographs and a post-processing software like Photoshop.

This method requires next to NO skills, NO special equipment, and is absolutely FREE. You could do this with a cell phone camera for heaven’s sake. So lets get cracking and watch the video.

If you look at the video closely, you will notice that the primary thing you need to do here is change everything as little and as gradually as possible from one frame to the other. Gavin here used a model who is not facing the camera and is, moreover, holding an umbrella so there are the least possible things that could potentially change from one shot to the other. Had the model faced the camera, she would have had to hold the expression on her face consistently during the entire shoot, something that is easier said than done.

When you go out to shoot for a project like this, be sure to choose a location where there is a slight variation from one angle to the next but not a drastic one (pebbles on the shore and the sea makes for an excellent setting here). For example, a meadow with a distant tree would probably be fine but a bustling market would NOT since it would change so much every second.


As Gavin said you should also take as many images as possible. Just try and understand why. When you take all these images into a post-processing software, the final image will be a composite of all the images that you took. This directly means that the more images you take, the more details you allow the software to play with, and hence more intricate the final image appears to be.

Do not forget to create the last black layer, it is important for the overall effect you are looking for. Finally when dropping the opacity, try to hit the balance when the majority of details show up in the image. Do not care too much if, at all, the image gets a little dark, you can always flatten the entire lot and then brighten it up.

That is all you need to know about how to create art from photos. This is quite a fun project and I hope you have loads of fun doing this.

Just a fun tip this could be an excellent gift idea for someone close to you who likes old retro style paintings. Just take a bunch of photos and stack them up in photoshop and voila, you have just made a beautiful piece of art yourself!