SD memory card

Memory Cards | What You Should Know When Buying One.

SD Memory cards are becoming more of an enigma. Selecting the right memory card for your camera may seems like a daunting proposition these days. What size? What speed? What manufacturer? And what on earth do those numbers and symbols written to the card mean now? There seems to be no end to the path […]

Macro Photography

Macro Photography | The Basics You Should Know

Macro photography is really exciting and addictive if you can do it correctly. It really doesn’t matter where you live, you can find suitable subjects just about ANYWHERE. My friend who took up microbiology in school once described to me what made him so fond of the subject. He said that the first time he […]

My First DSLR

My First DSLR Camera

The experience of a lifetime. I remember my first DSLR, it was a Nikon D7000 that I got because I had a pact with my mother that if I scored 80% or more in my class XII finals, she would buy me a good camera (little did she know what it was going to cost her […]


Speaking Of Working For Free.

Should You Ever Work For Free? Let me preface whatever I want to say in this blog by saying that photography like any other business is a BUSINESS. There are investments vis-à-vis your camera, lights, strobes, lenses and the most important of all your TIME. The time that could have been spent on something else […]

Nikon D7500

Do You Really Need A DSLR Camera?

When To Get A DSLR Camera? If all you have is a point and shoot camera or a cell phone to shoot with and wondering whether it is time to upgrade to a fancy professional DSLR camera keep reading, you may find your answer here. When I was starting off, all I had was a red […]