Canon 5D Mark IV Now To Come With Canon Log Pre-Installed

canon log to come pre-installed with the canon 5d mark iv
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Canon finally seems to be hearing the voice of its consumers and making amends in the process. Recently, Canon announced that the Canon 5D Mark IV will now come with Canon Log pre-installed. This goes without saying that this step from Canon will help many Canon users and filmmakers to be more capable of advanced editing and have professional-level video recording options to achieve the perfect look that they are looking for. The 5D Mark IV with all its 4K capabilities would have been really deprived of a lot, had Canon not decided to include Canon Log in the package.

The Canon Log Gamma would not only maximize the dynamic range of the footage up to 800% or 12 stops; it would also allow video editors to color grade their footage even better so that the final film looks seamless when shot on many cameras at once.


Keeping in mind that the footage appears very flat when capturing this dynamic range; Canon has even offered a ‘View Assist’ function to make monitoring footage during shooting easy and painless. The camera now uses one of the two installed LUTs (look up tables); which would help recreate the footage on the rear screen or on an external display as accurately as possible.

The two options include Canon Log 10 to Wide DR and Canon Log 10 to ITU-R BT .709; these convert the footage to the Wide Dynamic Range Gamma or a more conventional Rec. 709 color space, respectively.

What do you think about this step from Canon?