Create art from photos

Make Retro Looking Paintings Using A Bunch Of Photos And Photoshop

This is a fun one, create art from photos. For all those people who like to take photographs but absolutely suck at drawing or painting; this might just be the perfect way out for you. In this video, Gavin Hoey, one of my favorite photographer youtuber explains how we can easily create art from photos, using […]

canon 7d mark iii

Canon EOS 7D Mark III Coming Soon Sometime Next Year.

Canon is lately all buzzing with new news everyday. After the major $ 2.9 billion fine by the EU two days ago, Canon has some better news now. The latest news is that Canon is planning to launch the EOS 7D Mark III sometime early next year (2018). People disappointed with the EOS 6D Mark […]

Hubble telescope finds new galaxy

This Is Literally Out Of This World | Scientists Use A Galaxy As A ‘Lens’

Astronomers from NASA had a great idea of pairing a gravitational lens with the legendary Hubble Space Telescope to give it a boost and what they have found is simply amazing. It is a new distant galaxy that contradicts existing theories about early star formation. Scientist were able to capture images 10 times sharper than […]

European Commission

Canon May Face $2.9 Billion Fine Over Toshiba Merger Violation.

Canon has landed in murky waters and is now facing a fine of up to 10% of annual revenue from the European Commission over a Toshiba medical imaging business deal. If you are wondering how much is 10% of the annual revenue of a giant company like Canon….it is a lot. Canon reported $29.3 billion […]

Chromatic aberrations

Chromatic Aberrations | How To Easily Identify And Remove Them Using Lightroom.

Here is an easy trick to combat the problem of chromatic aberrations. Anthony Moriganti demonstarates the process in this quick video. Chromatic aberrations is a problem that can easily be overlooked. The images then look a little funny with the weird colored pixels specially near high contrast edges. One of the most common scenario which […]

Macro Photography

Macro Photography | The Basics You Should Know

Macro photography is really exciting and addictive if you can do it correctly. It really doesn’t matter where you live, you can find suitable subjects just about ANYWHERE. My friend who took up microbiology in school once described to me what made him so fond of the subject. He said that the first time he […]

Lexar Memory card

Lexar Soon To Be Just A ‘Memory’ And A Thing Of The Past

Attention avid and long-term users of Lexar memory cards. The time has come for you to bid goodbye. Lexar is soon to be discontinued by its parent company, Micron. And just for your information, not just the memory cards, the entire Lexar removable storage unit, including memory card readers, storage drives and USB flash drives […]

Canon SL2 Camera

Canon EOS Rebel SL2 In White And Silver | First Images

The Canon EOS Rebel SL2 is is all ready to be launched on June 29 alongside Canon 6D Mark II. Today Nokishita released a few more images of the SL2 in white and silver. The colors look quite good on the camera. Have a look for yourself. Here are a few specifications of the SL2 […]

Dual Pixel Autofocus

Dual Pixel Autofocus Explained

Dual pixel autofocus is a sensor based, phase detection autofocus technology which provides fast autofocussing and smooth, languid, gradually transient focus tracking when shooting videos and movies. Dual pixel autofocussing technology literally places in the hands of regular day-to-day users of consumer grade cameras the capabilities to shoot brilliant videos which look aesthetically pleasing and […]

Google VR180 Camera

Google To Launch New Camera Line For 180 Degree VR Video

Google has since long been trying to push 360-degree video as much as possible, primarily through YouTube. It seems that now that the company is taking a step back to allow more time to creators and other industries around film making and video before taking the big jump. Google is now all set to launch […]

EyeEm Select

EyeEm Selects App | Helps Find Hidden Gems From Your Camera Roll

If you think you are a good photographer and wish to earn a little something from you photographs, EyeEm is probably the answer. Recently EyeEm has launched a new update on its mobile app called EyeEm Selects. EyeEm Selects helps users find the “best” photographs they have on their phone using advanced computer vision technology. […]

Canon 6D Mark II

Canon 6D Mark II | The First Images And Specification Leaks

Canon is all set to announce the new 6D Mark II camera on June 29. The camera has had its own share of leaked photos and here are some of them specially for you. All you Canon crazy fan boys, here is the first look:   The 6D Mark II has had a few hardware […]

Gitzo 100 years tripod

Gitzo Celebrates Its Centenary In Style.

The year 2017 seems to be the year of celebrating centenaries for the majority of the photography industry. Recently, it was Gitzo’s turn. It is the legendary French company founded by Arsène Gitzhoven, which makes incredible tripods. Gitzo, like Nikon, is also leaving no stones unturned in making this celebration as lavish and memorable as […]

Canon EOS 6D Mark II

Canon To Launch EOS 6D Mark II & EOS Rebel SL2 In July [Confirmed].

Canon may just launch the much awaited EOS 6D Mark II and EOS Rebel SL2 in July. Nokishita has confirmed the news now. This may be huge for Canon fan boys. Here are the specifications of the kits that the cameras would be available with. However Nokishita has reported that some kits may be for some […]

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