A bit about us.

A journey to a beautiful place never starts on the beaten track

This is the philosophy that we believe in. In this new age world, everyone has a camera and everybody takes photographs; be it selfies, portraits or something else. Nearly everything has been photographed before by someone else, all that we could do is take a photograph from our perspective. The way we see it for that would always be unique. As somebody said, “genius is not doing different things but doing things differently”. You would be amazed how different the world looks once the vantage point of your life is changed. We strive to do exactly that. We are Seventh Light Studio.

Aalok Doot Das

sample-image Started his photography journey when he was eight. Even though he has a Masters Degree in Economics from the University of Calcutta, he decided not to pursue a regular nine to forever job and take up his passion for light and imagery wholeheartedly. Not tech crazy at all but cameras,lenses and cars are a whole different story. He lives in Kolkata, India.

Saptarsi Bhowmick

sample-image Techoholic at heart Saptarsi is camera nerd and an excellent flute player. He lives in the City of Joy, Kolkata and also has a Masters Degree in Economics. He specializes in Landscape and Wildlife photography and it has been his life long pursuit to own the perfect kit for a wildlife photography trip. He never seems to be satisfied with anything. Rapidly changing his preferences for mirrorless cameras…many of his friends are still stunned.