Nikon D850 front

Nikon D850 Specifications | First Leaks.

Nikon confirmed the new Nikon D850, the successor of the fantastic Nikon D810 on its 100th birthday, this year. There had been many rumors and speculations about the camera’s specifications uptill now but none confirmed. Nikon till now has not officially announced anything. This might be the best bet we have had till now. Some […]

Nikon Corporation Mirrorless camera

Nikon Confirms Making A “Serious” Mirrorless Camera System.

Nikon’s President Kazuo Ushida recently in an interview with Yahoo Japan again mentioned the possibility of Nikon coming up with a “serious” mirrorless camera system. In the last few months speculations have been very high about Nikon’s motive about mirrorless systems. Ushida himself has mentioned such plans in quite some interviews now. Every move Nikon […]

SD memory card

Memory Cards | What You Should Know When Buying One.

SD Memory cards are becoming more of an enigma. Selecting the right memory card for your camera may seems like a daunting proposition these days. What size? What speed? What manufacturer? And what on earth do those numbers and symbols written to the card mean now? There seems to be no end to the path […]

John morris

John G. Morris, Legendary Photo Editor Passed Away. He Was 100.

Legendary photo editor John. G Morris passed away yesterday at a hospital in Paris. He was 100. His long time friend and colleague Robert Pledge, founder of the Contact Press Images confirmed the death. From the World War II through to Vietnam War, Morris had always been in the thick of things. In his lifetime, […]

nikon d850

Nikon D850 | Nikon 100th Anniversary Special Camera May Have A Hybrid Viewfinder.

After the recent 35mm f/2 curved full frame sensor episode, Nikon has been perpetually under the microscope. As you already know, Nikon on its 100th birthday announced the much awaited successor of the Nikon D810, the Nikon D850. (Nikon doesn’t seem to like the number ‘2’ very much). Nikon Rumors released the first press photographs of […]

image file format

Image File Formats And Their Uses Explained

Have you ever finished editing your photograph and then just as you are about to save the image been presented with a baffling array of image file formats? If it has been a while, let me just refresh your memory. It looks something like this. *.BMP, *.TIFF,*.JPEG, *.PSD, *.PNG, RAW……the list simply seems endless. But it ends […]

Super High Speed Camera

Challenges Of Filming With A Super High Speed Camera

Photography is such a unique way of capturing light that if done correctly, the outcome looks simply amazing. You could gather light in many different and unique ways, and each one of them would look different even if you film the same subject. Today, we are going to talk about the challenges and rewards of […]

canon log to come pre-installed with the canon 5d mark iv

Canon 5D Mark IV Now To Come With Canon Log Pre-Installed

Canon finally seems to be hearing the voice of its consumers and making amends in the process. Recently, Canon announced that the Canon 5D Mark IV will now come with Canon Log pre-installed. This goes without saying that this step from Canon will help many Canon users and filmmakers to be more capable of advanced […]

drone photography tips

Top 11 Tips To Bring Up Your Drone Game

Drone photography has become one of the most exciting and popular new destinations for amateurs and professional photographers alike. And why would it not be, it offers such an incredible view of the world that is inaccessible through any other means, at least at this point of time. With cheap drones flooding the market now, […]

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